Got Questions?

Humans are inquisitive by nature. We want to know it all and we need to know it NOW! And guess what! We are all ears.

We have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions, search for your query here first and if that still doesn’t quench your thirst, reach us at the Helpdesk, you will be attended as soon as possible!

How long after I place my order will it take for you to make your first contact with me?

We’ll contact you within 12-24 hrs after receiving your order to discuss your needs.

How long after I place my order will it take for you to make your first contact with me?

We’ll contact you within 12-24 hrs after receiving your order to discuss your needs.

What graphic format do you create your graphics in? .tif, .jpg, .gif or other?

Usually the format we supply is .jpg unless you specifically want another image format.

How will I receive my graphics when they're ready? Email, download or FTP?

Usually you will get a download link so you can easily download your graphics. If they happen to be large, or there are many, we can give you FTP access so you can download the files through an FTP program.

What resolution do you create your graphics in? Low, medium or high?

The graphics are created in 72dpi resolution, unless they are required for print. For instance, with a book cover that is going to press, then we would recommend using 300dpi resolution.

Do you brand your images with

Yes, a small logo and site URL is included in my graphics. This is added in an unobtrusive spot so it isn't obvious, unless someone is admiring your graphics and wanting to know where you had them designed.

How long do mini-site design orders take to complete?

Normally within 24-48 hours after ordering.

How long do website design orders take to complete?

Usually within 7-15 days after ordering.

When can I expect to see a final draft for approval?

You can expect to see the final draft ONLY when we are totally satisfied that you will love it.

Do you take what I want into consideration?

Yes, always. The burden to deliver and satisfy you is entirely on us. We would leave no stone unturned to deliver what you have asked for especially when you are "very specific" about your needs.

What if I change my mind about what I want?

You will get upto two revisions at no extra cost if you are unsatisfied, which is very rare. And we are sure that the revision part can be skipped, if you are very specific about your requirements on the onset of the project.

What if I don't like the graphic/s you've created for me?

No problem. Same clause. Upto two revisions at no extra cost.

Can I upload my graphics to a public stock graphics library if I want to?

No sorry. But when you think about it... Why would you want to? It will devalue your own graphics and site branding.

Can I make changes to the graphics you've made me using my own graphic software program after I've received them?

Yes. You can make as many changes as you like, just make sure you don't deny the credit to eCoverGuru from the image.

Can I get a discount for ordering multiple packages?

It depends on the package. Please contact us and communicate your requirements and we will gladly quote you.

Can you make custom graphics that aren't listed in your packages?

Surely. Contact us for further details.

Can I see some samples of the work you've done in the past?

Yes, of course. We highly encourage it. Please view our portfolio here.

Can I talk to one of your past clients?

You can view testimonials from past clients here. Some have their web site included and you can contact them by visiting their web site.

Due to privacy concerns, client's email addresses cannot be shared.

Do you guarantee the rate that my conversions will increase?

No sorry. There are too many things to be taken into consideration when it comes to conversion, like the product you are selling, the current market, the target audience, your marketing strategy and the sales copy. What we can assure you is that your site would look worth a million bucks!

My question isn't here. Can I contact you to ask a different question please?

Certainly. You're welcome to contact us at the helpdesk. Please allow 12-24 hours for a response.

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